Brinckers garantievoorwaarden
Brinckers garantievoorwaarden

Brinckers warranty

The legal warranty applies to every Brinckers e-bike you buy. This means that “a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it”. But at Brinckers you get more, because we believe in the quality of our e-bikes. In addition to the legal warranty, you also get the more extensive Brinckers factory warranty:

  • 6 year warranty on the frame
  • 2 year warranty on the battery
  • 2 year warranty on motor, display & controls
  • 2 year warranty on the front fork
  • 2 year warranty on other parts

Not everything is automatically covered by the above warranty, so it is important to read the warranty conditions. Then you know exactly where you stand when you are faced with a (possible) warranty case. Read all conditions and exceptions below.

General warranty conditions

Defects in the Brinckers products that can be traced back to a material and / or production fault (and that occur within the above warranty periods!) will be repaired by the seller free of charge, subject to the following conditions.

Warranty exceptions

The warranty claim does not apply to:

  • Defects caused by not performing necessary periodic checks / maintenance
  • Repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear
  • Battery wear: A battery is a product that is subject to wear and whose capacity decreases over time. Therefore, the following conditions apply for batteries to qualify for warranty:
    • With delivery of the new bike, warranty applies if the battery has a capacity of less than 95%
    • After 1 year of use, warranty applies if the battery has a capacity of less than 80%
    • After 2 years of use, warranty applies if the battery has a capacity of less than 65%
    • If a 3-year warranty is provided, a warranty applies if the battery after 3 years of use has a capacity of less than 55%
    • Please note that reading the battery via the display or a service tool does not indicate the correct capacity. This is shown lower via such a tool because part of the capacity is used for the functioning of the system, such as lighting, controller and display. The capacity can only be determined correctly by removing the battery from the system and having it tested by means of a so-called battery tester.
    • Defects caused by not performing necessary periodic checks / maintenance
  • External damage such as scratches and dents
  • Defects caused by weather influences, such as weathering of paint, corrosion and / or rust formation
  • Defects arise because the bicycle has not been maintained on time, correctly and / or regularly in accordance with the manual (you must be able to demonstrate that regular maintenance has been carried out if necessary)
  • Defects arise due to incorrect use (such as, for example, too much load)
  • Exceeded total weight (bicycle + rider + luggage) of 120kg (unless a different maximum is indicated on the bicycle). Front and / or rear carriers have their own prescribed maximum load, the value is stated on the carrier itself. In general you can keep: maximum load rear carrier: 25kg. Maximum load front carrier: 10kg
  • Adjustments or repairs carried out by persons not authorized by the seller
  • When the e-bike has been boosted in some way
  • A product that has been used for business purposes such as, for example, package transport or rental

Invoke the warranty

For a valid claim under the warranty, you must report the defect to the seller as soon as possible, but in any case within 14 days after discovery, and you must be able to provide the original proof of purchase on request. You must also allow the seller to inspect the bicycle.

Warranty period after recovery

The remaining warranty period applies to repaired parts (no new warranty period will start).

Costs of recovery/repairs

If no valid appeal can be made under the warranty, the repair costs will be borne by the buyer.