E-bikes met enviolo versnellingen

#ridehack: Enviolo stepless shifting

A number of Brinckers models are equipped with an Enviolo gear hub. This beautiful piece of technology probably raises some question marks: because what is it really? No worries, we will explain it to you! In this Enviolo #ridehack we will teach you everything you need to know about this gear system.

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De motorpositie is bepalend voor je e-bike

#ridehack: motor position and torque

The motor: the heart of your e-bike … In fact, the motor of your electric bicycle determines the character of your e-bike. Motor technology is of course very important, but the position of the motor is also decisive for the riding behavior of your e-bike. Learn all about motor positions and power in this motor-#ridehack

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Beveilig je Brinckers e-bike tegen diefstal

#ridehack: secure your Brinckers

Bicycle thieves, they’ll be around for as long as the bicycle itself. Unfortunately, almost everyone has experienced it: you come back to the bicycle shed and your bicycle is gone! Read all about securing your Brinckers e-bike in this security-#ridehack.

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De actieradius van je Brinckers elektrische fiets

#ridehack: battery capacity and range

The battery is one of the most important parts of your Brinckers e-bike! The battery supplies energy to the engine, so you can cycle nice and light. If the battery is empty, the support is also lost. You do not want that, so it is important to know the capacity and the range of your battery.

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Je e-bike accu opladen

#ridehack: charging and preserving batteries

If you charge and store your battery properly, you will ensure that it continues to perform well for as long as possible. Because it is normal for your battery to wear out over the years, but taking good care of your battery will prevent faster wear. Read all battery tips in this battery-#ridehack.

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Ervaringen met Brinckers e-bikes

Brinckers e-bike reviews: 88% is satisfied

In December 2019, our dealer conducted a customer satisfaction survey among buyers of a Brinckers electric bicycle. In this news item you can find all the results of this research. We can already say that we are very happy with the results!

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Display en bediening van je Brinckers e-bike

#ridehack: display and controls explained

Each Brinckers e-bike has a display with a control panel that allows you to operate the bicycle. There are differences between the different motor systems. What the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems are? Read it in this display-#ridehack!

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Een Brinckers fiets van de zaak?

Brinckers company e-bikes: business e-bike lease

Since January 1, 2020, business bicycle leasing has been a hot topic in the workplace. You can lease a company bike for a few euros per month. We also provide the option to lease our Brinckers e-bikes. We offer Brinckers e-bikes as a lease bike through sister company Hellorider.

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Schoonmaken van je Brinckers elektrische fiets

#ridehack: cleaning your Brinckers e-bike

Yeah, we know: cleaning is not your favorite activity. However, cleaning your e-bike is definitely recommended! That way you extend the life of your bike and ensure maximum performance. The best tips? Read them in this cleaning #ridehack.

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Brinckers e-bikes getest door de ANWB

Brinckers electric bicycles tested by ANWB

Our electric bicycles have been tested by the ANWB and we are quite proud of that. Each and every one of them has received a good review in the ANWB e-bike test for the ANWB Electric Bicycle Comparison. Read here which models have won prizes and what the rating approach of the testers is.

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