Brinckers Brisbane GT

Brisbane GT M7 Lady

Maximum comfort
Choice of different large batteries
Available in Ladies and Mixed frame

Brisbane GT M7 Mixed

Maximum comfort
Choice of different large batteries
Available in Ladies and Mixed frame

Brisbane GT M7 Men

Solid Gentleman frame
655Wh of 806Wh battery
Powerful 80Nm motor

The best driving experience

The Brisbane GT is a very stable bike with an eye for comfort and driving pleasure. The ride position is very relaxed and encourages you to take a ride around the block more often! The removable battery and the powerful motor sit nice and low, making the bike very stable and very controlled. It’s also handy that you can choose the battery capacity: 655Wh or 806Wh.

The Brisbane GT is the big brother of the well-known Brisbane and has been given the same Look & Feel: Grips that provide a lot of support, a saddle that is comfortable and pedals that are slightly larger and offer more grip. The rest of the equipment is also luxurious with safe lighting from AXA and extra thick tires from Schwalbe. Along the way you will see your driving data on the color display and you can choose ECO or SPORT mode to be able to adapt the character of the support to your driving style! Great isn’t it?!


Which Brisbane GT is the right choice for you?

Brisbane GT M7

Shimano Nexus 7
If you choose the Brisbane GT M7, you opt for comfort of a big battery, comfort of a very relaxed riding position and comfort of good driving characteristics. Yet there is a difference in the frames. The Women’s frame is lower and therefore easier to get on. The Mixed frame looks sportier due to the extra frame tube and is therefore even more stable. Try them out at the Brinckers dealer and see for yourself which frame type suits you best.

Recommended retail price

  • Choose from different batteries
  • 6 years warranty on the frame
  • 2 years warranty on the battery
  • The best riding experience

Brinckers Brisbane GT specifications

Engine & battery information
General characteristics

Motor position | mid-engine

Motor system | Bafang M420

Battery | 655Wh (standard), 806Wh (€200 additional cost)

Range | Max. 130km with 806Wh battery

Support | 5 modes, ECO/SPORT mode

Display | full color lcd display (centered)



Gears M7 | Shimano Nexus 7-speed

Brakes | hydraulic disc brakes

Saddle | Selle Bassano

Tires| Schwalbe (28 inch) 47/622

Lock | Axa with plugin option


Frame type | ladies’ & mixed

Frame sizes | 46, 51 & 56 (ladies), 51 & 56 (mixed)

Color | Sand Matt (ladies) & Blue Matt (mixed)

Weight | 30,0 kg incl. battery

Max. speed| 25 km/h

Manual e-bike technique | download

Manual bike | download

Warranty on frame | 6 years

Warranty on battery | 2 years

Warranty on motor, display & controls | 2 years

Warranty on front fork | 2 years

Warranty on parts | 2 years



Brinckers Brisbane GT specifications

Engine & battery information

Motor position

Motor system







Bafang M420

655Wh (standard), 806Wh (€200 additional cost)

Max. 130km with 806Wh battery

5 modes, ECO/SPORT mode

full color lcd


Gears M7






Shimano Nexus 7-speed

hydraulic disc brakes

Selle Bassano

Schwalbe (28 inch) 47/622

Axa with plugin option

General characteristics

Frame type

Frame sizes



Max. speed

Manual 1

Manual 2


ladies’ & mixed

46, 51 & 56 (ladies), 51 & 56 (mixed)

Sand Matt (ladies) & Blue Matt (mixed)

30,0 kg incl. battery

25 km/h






Motor & display

Front fork



6 years

2 years

2 years

2 years

2 years

Brinckers Brisbane GT

Why the movement to a battery in the frame? This gives the possibility to use a larger battery. More cells, less frequent charging and longer life. In addition, it is more favorable for the weight distribution, which benefits the driving characteristics. We always ask customers to test drive them to experience the difference for themselves. So feel free to contact a dealer and experience it for yourself!

Nice and versatile

Once you’ve experienced a really nice bike, you will cycle more often then ever before. That’s the idea of the Brisbane GT. The comfortable seating position ensures that you can enjoy both short and long rides. A tour through the woods on Sunday or a breath of fresh air along the coast on Saturday. That is why we also see this bicycle on the Brinckers commuter bicycles and the bicycles for touring.

Well equipped

The color display feels nice and is also equipped with a ECO/SPORT mode option. This allows you to determine the character of the support. In ECO mode the bike is quiet and friendly (economical) and in SPORT mode the support is more powerful. This display is also equipped with a USB port with which you can charge your phone or other devices on the go and for safety there is also a light sensor on it. When you drive into a tunnel, the lighting switches on automatically. The AXA lighting is also visible from all angles for optimal safety. Enjoy the ride!