Brinckers Brisbane elektrische fiets
Brinckers Brisbane elektrische fiets

Brinckers Brisbane

Brinckers Brisbane e-bike

Brisbane M7

7-speed Shimano Nexus
Ladies’ & men’s frame
Choose from different batteries

Brisbane M310 Enviolo

Enviolo 310 Manual (stepless)
Ladies’ & men’s frame
Choose from different batteries

Luxury and comfort

What gives you more freedom than an e-bike? The Brinckers Brisbane is the perfect e-bike for carefree driving. Whether you are a real cycling enthusiast who wants to enjoy nature, or if you are a more practical cyclist, who uses the e-bike for all kinds of rides. The Brinckers Brisbane is versatile: just like you!

This luxurious and comfortable e-bike has a few nice extras: the suspended fork and seat post (comfort), the automatic light sensor (super handy) and the USB output in the color display for telephone or navigation. What more could you want?


Which Brisbane will you choose?

Brisbane M7

Shimano Nexus 7

If you choose the Brisbane, you can choose from 2 variants, 1 of which is equipped with a Shimano Nexus hub gear with 7 gears. The Shimano hub gear is a gear as everyone knows it: you turn the handle and you can choose from different gears. You click from one gear to another and feel this well while pedaling.

Brisbane M310

Enviolo M310 stepless

The other variant has a slightly more luxurious finish and is equipped with an Enviolo M310 stepless gear. This gear works a bit like a shower tap: you can turn it lighter (colder) or heavier (warmer) without clicks. This luxurious gear system works well with the engine, which ensures a very pleasant driving experience.

Recommended retail price

M7 / M310
2599 / 2749
  • Choose from different batteries
  • 6 years warranty on the frame
  • 2 years warranty on the battery
  • 8,2 in the ANWB E-bike Test

Brinckers Brisbane specifications

Engine & battery information
General characteristics

Motor position | mid-engine

Motor system | Bafang M420

Battery | 450Wh (standard), 600Wh (€150 additional cost) of 750Wh (€250 additional cost relative to 450Wh)

Range | Max. 130km with 750Wh battery

Support | 5 modes ECO/SPORT

Display | full color lcd display (centered)



Gears M7 | Shimano Nexus 7-speed

Gears M310 | Enviolo 310 Manual

Brakes | hydraulic disc brakes

Saddle | Selle Bassano

Tires| Schwalbe (28 inch)

Lock | Axa


Frame type | ladies’ & men’s

Frame sizes | 46,49, 53 & 57 cm (L), 53 & 57 cm (M)

Color | black (Arrant Black Mat)

Weight | approx. 27,9 kg incl. accu

Max. speed| 25 km/h

Manual e-bike technique | download

Manual bike | download

Warranty on frame | 6 years

Warranty on battery | 2 years

Warranty on motor, display & controls | 2 years

Warranty on front fork | 2 years

Warranty on parts | 2 years



Brinckers Brisbane specifications

Engine & battery information

Motor position

Motor system







Bafang M420

450Wh (standard), 600Wh (€150 additional cost) of 750Wh (€250 additional cost relative to 450Wh)

Max. 130km with 750Wh battery

5 modes ECO/SPORT

full color lcd


Gears M7

Gears M310






Shimano Nexus 7-speed

Enviolo 310 Manual

hydraulic disc brakes

Selle Bassano



General characteristics

Frame type

Frame sizes



Max. speed

Manual 1

Manual 2


ladies’ & men’s

46, 49, 53, 57 cm


approx. 27,9 kg

25 km/h






Motor & display

Front fork



6 years

2 years

2 years

2 years

2 years

Brinckers Brisbane

The Australian city of Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland. This generous title certainly also applies to the Brinckers Brisbane: on this electric bike you really ride around like a king! Are you looking for an electric workhorse that accompanies you on beautiful and long bike rides? Or just a shopping bike that takes you effortlessly from here to there? Or an electric bicycle to commute to work and back again? The Brisbane is all of the above!

Luxurious extras

The stylish Dutch Design guarantees extra comfort, which you will immediately notice thanks to the luxurious handles, the pleasant Selle Royal saddle and the comfortably suspension fork and seat post. Because you can choose from 3 different batteries, you decide how far you cycle on one charged battery. Of course you can easily control the support via the steering wheel control and the clear display offers useful functions for on the go. But the Brisbane has even more luxury: how about the automatic light sensor and the USB connection for telephone or navigation? Quickly plan a test drive on one of the Brinckers Brisbane models (M7 or M310) and experience this luxury for yourself!