Brinckers Baxter elektrische fiets
Brinckers Baxter elektrische fiets

Brinckers Baxter

Brinckers Baxter

Baxter F7

Front wheel engine
7-speed Shimano Nexus
Ladies’ & men’s frame

Baxter HM8

8-speed Shimano Nexus
Ladies’ & men’s frame

Solid and practical

The Brinckers Baxter is one such model that stands out. This electric transport bike is specially designed for the modern e-biker. Transport bicycles are becoming more popular every year and are used by students, trendy mothers/fathers and by commuters.

The advantages of such an electric transport bike? They are robust, sturdy, you can take a lot of luggage with them and thanks to the support of the front wheel motor and battery, you will never have to make an effort to move forward.


Which Baxter will you choose?

Baxter F7

If you choose the Baxter, you can choose from 2 variants, 1 of which with a front-wheel motor. The Baxter F7 is equipped with a very quiet Bafang motor in the front wheel that pulls you forward, as it were. In addition, this model has 7 gears from Shimano and 2 different types of brakes. For example, there is a rim brake (hand brake) on the front and a roller brake (also a hand brake) behind it.

Baxter HM8

The other variant of the Baxter is the HM8. This version does not have a front-wheel motor, but a mid-motor (near the pedals). This Bafang mid-engine is more powerful than the front-wheel motor and also gives a slightly more natural driving experience and better road holding. In addition, it has 8 gears from Shimano (that’s one gear extra) and hydraulic disc brakes (hand brakes).

Recommended retail price

F7 / HM8
1899 / 2299
  • Choose from different batteries
  • 6 year warranty on frame
  • 2 year warranty on the battery
  • 8,1 in the ANWB E-bike Test

Brinckers Baxter specifications

Engine & battery information
General characteristics

Motor position F7 | front wheel engine

Motor position HM8 | mid-engine

Motorsystem | Bafang

Battery | 450Wh (standard), 600Wh (€150 additional cost) of 750Wh (€250 additional cost relative to 450Wh)

Range | Max. 130km with 750Wh battery

Support | 5 modes

Display | led display next to grip (bluetooth)



Gears F7 | Shimano Nexus 7-speed

Gears HM8 | Shimano Nexus 8-speed

Brakes F7 | v-brake, rollerbrake

Brakes HM8 | hydraulic disc brakes

Saddle| Selle Royal

Tires | Schwalbe (28 inch)

Lock | Axa


Frame type | ladies’ & men’s

Frame sizes | 50 & 55 cm (L), 54 & 58 cm (M)

Color F7 | dark grey, wine red (L) or army green (M)

Color HM8 | dark grey

Weight | approx. 27,8 kg (incl. battery)

Max. speed | 25 km/h

Manual e-bike technique | download

Manual bike | download

Warranty on frame | 6 years

Warranty on battery | 2 years

Warranty on motor, display & controls | 2 years

Warranty on front fork| 2 years

Warranty on parts | 2 years




Brinckers Baxter specifications

Engine & battery information

Motor position F7

Motor position HM8

Motor system






front wheel



450Wh (standard), 600Wh (€150 additional cost) of 750Wh (€250 additional cost relative to 450Wh)

Max. 130km with 750Wh battery

4 modes

led (+ bluetooth)


Gears F7

Gears HM8

Brakes F7

Brakes HM8





Shimano Nexus 7-speed

Shimano Nexus 8-speed

v-brake + rollerbrake

hydraulic disc brake

Selle Royal



General characteristics

Frame type

Frame sizes

Color F7

Color HM8


Max. speed

Manual 1

Manual 2


ladies’ & men’s

50, 54, 55, 58 cm



approx. 27,8 kg (incl. batt.)

25 km/h






Motor & display

Front fork



6 years

2 years

2 years

2 years

2 years

Brinckers Baxter

The Baxter is a striking and quirky series within the Brinckers collection. This electric transport bike is not only beautiful to look at, but also very practical with its front carrier and sturdy luggage carrier. These bicycles are designed for the relaxed cyclists who also have to regularly take luggage on the road. These Brinckers may not have the most refined design of all our e-bikes: they drive very refined!

Trendy and easy electric cycling

The proven, stylish Dutch Design also guarantees extra comfort with this bike, which you will immediately notice by the fine handles, the pleasant saddle and the smooth shifting Shimano gears. Of course you also have the option of battery choice with these Brinckers. With the handy steering wheel control you can easily adjust the amount of support. These e-bikes are also smartphone compatible: with the Bafang GO app you can easily connect your smartphone to your e-bike. Then you immediately have an extra luxurious display and up-to-date navigation. Trendy and easy electric cycling: you do it with the Brinckers Baxter. Discover the Baxter F7 or HM8 on a test drive. Schedule it right away!