Brinckers nieuws: altijd up-to-date
Brinckers nieuws: altijd up-to-date

Brinckers news

On this page, we’ll gather all Brinckers news for you. Besides that, you can also find the Brinckers #ridehacks on this page. In these articles, we explain all the secrets your Brinckers e-bike has been keeping from you. For example on how to use the display or some handy battery tips. Feel free to check them all out!

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Schoonmaken van je Brinckers elektrische fiets

#ridehack: cleaning your Brinckers e-bike

Yeah, we know: cleaning is not your favorite activity. However, cleaning your e-bike is definitely recommended! That way you extend the life of your bike and ensure maximum performance. The best tips? Read them in this cleaning #ridehack.
Brinckers e-bikes getest door de ANWB

Brinckers electric bicycles tested by ANWB

Our electric bicycles have been tested by the ANWB and we are quite proud of that. Each and every one of them has received a good review in the ANWB e-bike test for the ANWB Electric Bicycle Comparison. Read here which models have won prizes and what the rating approach of the testers is.
Kinderzitjes op je Brinckers e-bike

#ridehack: child seats on a Brinckers e-bike

Not all Brinckers models are equally suitable for child seats. Curious which bicycles are ideally suited for child seats and which seats you can easily mount? Then read this child seat #ridehack!
Samenwerking Brinckers en het Human Power Team

Brinckers, the Human Power Team and the fastest bicycle in the world

The Human Power Team, a student team from TU Delft and VU Amsterdam, unveiled their latest aerodynamic recumbent bike at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg on Saturday 27 July. With the VeloX 9, the team wants to break the world speed bike record. Brinckers is helping to build this super bike.
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